Christian Skoglund 1976 – 2007

by Jason

My friend Christian died on this day one year ago. He was a helicopter pilot in the Army and died in a crash. Over this last year, I have thought a lot about him.

The last time we spoke was two days before my wedding when he called me from Italy. I miss him. He was a great friend.

Christian and another roommate Rich had this on our house answering machine when we lived together during flight school.

For other videos here is his wife’s Youtube page.

I love you, Christian.


4 responses to “Christian Skoglund 1976 – 2007

  1. Thanks to all of you who have served for our country!!! We are certainly blessed that you came home Jason. I remember listening to news and trying to look up online reports whenever there were helicopter crashes and amazingly your name never came up! Whew. I bet Elizabeth is glad too! :O)

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  3. A memorial has been put up at the crash site in Italy and the men lost on November 8th honored:

  4. Sorry Elisabeth, after I wrote my comment I realized I spelled your name wrong…

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