Fear in the election and economy

Although I am not really into politics or versed in the ways of the American economy, I have found myself more engaged recently with the election and recession.

It’s obvious that there a lot of people like me out there, those who were formally uninterested and unengaged. I think it’s because things are just so much more personal this time around. It’s not money or the environment or health care or peace or employment that is in jeopardy. Now it’s my money, my environment, my health care, my peace, my job stability.

What was once a problem out there, particularly for those in the lower classes and on the outskirts of society, is becoming a problem for most everybody in some way, shape, or form.

As selfish and as awful as this may sound, I must admit that it’s becoming a problem for me. I am afraid–for myself (sadly, mostly) and my family and friends. I am afraid for my son. I am fearful of so many unknowns that are out there. They have always been there, it just seems that as Americans it has been very easy for us to hide this fact from ourselves. We are not in control.

What if what God wants for us is for the veil to be lifted?

What if what He wants for us is not economic stability or circumstantial peace? Heaven forbid, what if He wants us to be poor?

What if He wants humility for us as individuals and as a country?  What if the means to that end is not what we as Americans have been choosing for ourselves?

What if certain things must come about in our country and our world that will usher in God’s Kingdom that, frankly, make us very uncomfortable?

I don’t have answers to any of these questions. And I get really stuck sometimes–thinking about where our human nature is taking us as well as where God’s will might be taking us. Either side I focus on brings me fear and that does not bring me to God. I know it is because I am too set on this world. God becomes so small when the world becomes so big.

That is why I really appreciated this video that Keisha posted on her blog–John Piper discussing the election.

He talks about a few specific issues regarding each candidate which are thought-provoking and biblically challenging, but what I am most interested in focusing on is Piper’s emphasis on the importance of God’s coming Kingdom.

I am trying to remember that whatever God wants for His people will lead to joy and freedom, no matter how easy or hard the road might be at certain points in our history.


One response to “Fear in the election and economy

  1. I usually lurk and never comment but I can’t express my love for this post enough and it made me excited. I’m pretty sure Piper and I don’t agree on much politically but I love how his video informed your blog 🙂

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