Don’t forget the lab geek goggles

Alyssa is my mad scientist friend. She sits in her lab (pre-baby, mind you) and does experiments with things that cannot be seen with the naked eye. At least I think that’s what she does.

I used to picture her in a lab coat with little glass vials all around her, pouring things back and forth between the vials. Then I went to visit her there and she was wearing regular clothes and sitting at a computer. That was a bit anti-climactic and disappointing.

But when you’ve put in years (how many is it?) getting your PhD in Physical Chemistry, you have every right to be called a mad scientist, no matter how many undergrad student papers you grade.

Knowing this, only Alyssa would send me this email:

“So last night I dreamt you were in labor in a bed like at a camp or something… I was there with you and you were all calm and doing great (just like I said you would be… šŸ˜‰ and it seemed I was about to deliver your baby but I felt we should try and find Jason, though I wasn’t sure how much time we had. ha ha. So anyhow if I come visit maybe I’ll bring some sterile neoprene gloves, just in case….”

I responded to her with the quiz I routinely give Jason on emergency birth procedures, which inspired me to write my last post.

A few hours later she sent back this:

“here will be my plan if i’m there:
  1. call 911
  2. pull on my purple neoprene lab geek gloves, with a super-cool TV-doctor snap at the wrist
  3. pull on lab geek goggles to shield the spray…
  4. pray (i guess that should be number 1)
  5. get you in the bathtub. “

She really does have her science background going for her. It just goes to show that those thousands of dollars in tuition and government grant monies really do come in handy for at least some of the academic elite.

Not to mention the fact that she recently gave birth to her own child, so it’s all fresh in her mind. Yes, she’s the one who allowed her friend to do a documentary on her birth and then watched it only a few days later and was NOT traumatized.

The lesson here is that when it comes to friendships the goal is to diversify, diversify, diversify. You’ll have just the right person to call for any situation you might find yourself in.


2 responses to “Don’t forget the lab geek goggles

  1. i’ll also bring a big bowl for the placenta, or would you prefer a Ziploc? since i know jason wants to be able to look at that and dig around in it to check it’s condition like the doctor did in the video…

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