36 weeks

We are now officially four weeks away from Baby H’s due date. I figured it was “due” time to give an update, since I haven’t done that since our 20 week ultrasound.

Last week I went in to see Cindie, our midwife, and we were both surprised to discover that Baby H is sitting quite low, with his head down. For those of you who know about pregnancy and childbirth, the fact that I am at -1 will make sense to you. It’s good–he is in the right position and has less distance to travel (even if it’s just a little bit).

We have also gotten a taste for the newborn experience since Alaythia, Owen, Ketziah, and Kate have all been born in the last month. Jason has become quite mesmerized by these babies and has taken to calling himself “The Baby Whisperer” because he was able to successfully hold and keep calm Alathyia and Owen (not at the same time–he’s not THAT good). He is all about The Happiest Baby on the Block techniques and recommends them frequently to his new parent friends.

He also remembers most of the technical terms such as “effacement” and “dilation.” So when I don’t remember what they mean, I just ask him.

Lizzie doesn’t really care about the baby, except to say that she enjoys using my belly as a stepping stool to get to the other side of the couch. It has also served as a nice place to rest her feet when she’s slung over my shoulder for her morning snuggle.

One thing I will add is that she was not amused when we watched the The Happiest Baby video. After listening to several minutes of crying babies with her ears tipped back (she looked quite stressed out), she promptly hopped off the bed to retreat to some dark corner.

Jason and I just finished our birth class on Wednesday. We made it through the rest of the class videos without passing out or throwing up. Although I will have to admit when the teacher explained to us how they give an epidural I got quite woozy. I guess right now I’m more okay with things coming out of me than going in.

Lastly, we have reviewed procedures for a very quick emergency birth. Every week or so I quiz Jason:

E: What is the first thing you should do if we’re alone and I should calmly explain to you that “I AM GOING TO HAVE THIS BABY RIGHT NOW!”

J: Call 911! (and then say “you’re going to do great, Beautiful Wife!”)

E: Okay, then what?

J: Wash my hands up to my elbows!

After that, everything’s pretty much intuitive, right? 🙂


2 responses to “36 weeks

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  2. Hey Elisabeth!
    I haven’t talked to you in ages but have been wondering lately how things are in your life and with you…. so I thought I would check out your blog! I really am not good at trying to “keep up” with people through this format, but it’s nice that you guys put things on here! I’m SO excited and happy for both of you, and I really know you’re going to have an awesome experience, giving birth is such an incredible thing to witness. (I haven’t given birth, but have gotten to be there for one).

    I will keep praying for you, blessings to you and yours! You’re going to be parents!! wahoo!!

    Thanks for loving Jesus and letting Him love through you to. It’s so awesome that He never changes and lets us always learn things.

    Choose joy!


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