Beauty comes when you let go

Since I’ve seen considerable differences in my growing body, I have been consistently bothered by the fact that I am not document this pregnancy. I had a feeling I would regret it later.

I tried to take a few of those side photos of my silhouette that most moms do, but I was always depressed to see my puffy-faced self in bad lighting with a white wall as a backdrop. Plus, those shots always make my arms look bulgy and when you’re pregnant you don’t need any help in the bulgy arm department, if you know what I mean.

Then I saw the beautiful photos Keisha had taken during her pregnancy. What intrigued me most was the redeeming quality these photos had for her, which she documents on her blog. As a result, I felt inspired to capture this season of life, too.

For those of us who have struggled with body image issues, it is a confusing and awe-inspiring concept that our bodies need not be controlled. They can be left to do exactly what God intended them to do.

In the past I have really struggled to believe God’s promise that letting go of control really does lead to beauty and not to some disgusting end. But it is true. And I think pregnancy is a really great picture of that.

Marcy Dorschel is the talented photographer who took these photos. Her work is a ministry dedicated to the very things I am talking about.


4 responses to “Beauty comes when you let go

  1. your pics are gorgeous, E! i still think you should be a prego model…

  2. You have always been beautiful, but you are even more beautiful now.
    Love you,

  3. Elisabeth-
    Beauty comes from within, and motherhood sure looks great on you both in these pictures and in person. Hugs to you and Jason and Baby H

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