Coeur d’Alene baby shower

This weekend we went back to Coeur d’Alene for a baby shower thrown by Mom and her good friend, Marie.

For those of you who have been following along for a while, you may remember last July’s bridal shower which was also co-hosted by Marie. These sort of parties are quite the treat.

And when I say treat I mean being greeted at the door with champagne and strawberries. And then, of course, moving on to a nice thick slice of white whine cake on a fine piece of china.

Did I mention the gifts? (And I don’t even mean for the baby, though those were great, too!).

There was a gift exchange of sorts, though not entirely white elephant–a set of fancy teas, a cosmetic purse, bath salts, pastry cutters, and much more. Everyone agreed that we should all go shopping with Mother Teresa since she is a great gift-giver.

What was considered white elephant about the exchange was the snatching of items back and forth. Some of those ladies showed no mercy. But, they did go home quite happy with their hauling.

In the midst of consuming cake, each woman went around and shared a piece of advice from their years of parenting (or being parented, or both). This was my favorite part. Here is a sampling of what was shared:

Sherri: “After the baby is born, accept all the help that is offered to you. You will need the rest!”

Mary Anne: “Always discipline with a hug.”

Rae: “Encourage your child’s stimulation rather than always relying on external stimuli.”

Joy: “Talk to your child’s eyes–stop what you’re doing and pay attention when you’re having a conversation with them.”

Judie: “Lots of love isn’t spoiling your child.”

Erin: “Boys will be boys. Just go with the flow – you’ll have to!”

And my favorite:

Mom: “There were so many times when Lisa was little that she’d want my attention–to play a game, show me something, or watch a TV show together. I was usually folding laundry or some other household chore and didn’t stop what I was doing to be with her. She grew up so fast and now I wish I could have those opportunities back. So, Lisa, remember to set aside your to-do list to spend time with your child.”

It was all very fun and the advice made it meaningful. Though I’m not sure I can keep up every single summer with giving good reasons for a party 🙂

View the rest of the photos here.


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