Cheesy photo opp

A few weeks back I was contacted by Schmaps, an online travel guide tool, letting me know they found a photo of mine on Flickr and were interested in using it for their Seattle guide.

A couple days of ago they emailed me to confirm that they were indeed using it and sent me the link to view it in the guide.

When I first got the email, before clicking on the link to see which photo they liked, I thought “Oh maybe it’s one of my more artsy shots” (mind you, I only have a few). Photography is something I’ve dabbled in and it’s on my list of artistic skills I want to hone.

Alas, the photo chosen is of Jason excited to be at the cheese festival.  Not meant to be art, but fun nonetheless. And if I want to be known (in a miniscule way) for something on the web, I don’t mind it being cheese, since I love it so much.

The photo in the guide is so small you can barely see him, but if you click on it it takes you to my Flickr site where you can see the real deal.

I am honored to be “published”.


2 responses to “Cheesy photo opp

  1. Hurrah. Robb and I were also contacted for a few of our photos. Mostly ones of us in Europe. At first we were really excited, but then we realized they picked multiple shots of the same place and we were just one of many to be “published”. But still. It is awesome to be recognized. Congrats Elizabeth.

  2. That’s awesome. I had that happen with a picture I took of the famous Roosevelt hotel in downtown Los Angeles.

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