Shower cleaning update

In an upcoming post I am going to jump on the “green” cleaning bandwagon (you’ll see), but before I do that I wanted to update you all on the current state of my glass shower doors (and other bathroom cleaning foibles).

First off, thanks to Kim, Jackie, Jessie, Amy, & Jen for your comments. I take all cleaning wisdom with much seriousness.

Before forking over cash for some of the products you suggested, I decided to try one last-ditch effort to clean the shower doors with what I had at home. Here are the results:

I filled my cleaning bucket with maybe two inches of warm water and added a few shakes of Bon Ami.
Dipping my tub/sink scrubbing brush in the solution, I started raising hell (figuratively) on the glass.

I had to scrub pretty hard the first time because there was so much residue. After that I took a cleaning rag and wiped the doors down. Then I wiped them again with another dry cleaning rag so that they were completely dry.

Amazingly, that seemed to do the trick!

Now, I’m not one to be sold so quickly – especially based on a formula that I made up myself. I wondered what would happen after a few showers. Or, maybe my eyes were playing tricks on me and the glass looked clean but really wasn’t. Or, maybe the scrub brush was scratching the glass.

But, after a few weeks the solution seems to be working pretty well. I don’t have to scrub as hard anymore. But, I do try to squeegee the doors after I take a shower (not every time, maybe half the time).

I’m still not 100% confident, but I am confident enough to share it with those of you who care. If you decide to try this method, please let me know how it works for you.

I am also very interested in trying out tea tree oil, as Jessie suggested (for household cleaning in general). And I thought Amy’s idea of putting shower curtains in the wash was brilliant.

As for cleaning the tub, I did resort to going back to using Comet with bleach. I was using Bon Ami, but I really needed the bleach to whiten the tub.

Next I will tackle the tile . . .


7 responses to “Shower cleaning update

  1. don’t even get me started on tile. Our house’s previous owners tiled our kitchen counters with grout and tile, and it feels like they didn’t seal the grout. It grosses me out.

    And yes, I’m aware I could just seal it myself, but we are not that kind of homeowner – the fixer-uppers, that is.

  2. Stephenny Stiles

    Hey E,

    Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day Surface Scrub is awesome! You can get it in a can that looks like a comet can at Fred Meyer and maybe even Ballard Market. However, I find it’s the cheapest at Target. This stuff is awesome! I started to believe that I would never find a natural cleaning product that could actually get our nasty tub white. Well, after lots of different products (including Method, Seventh Generation, etc.), I gave this one a final shot and to my amazement it worked. I could actually see white next to brown… disgusting but oh so wonderful now that I found something that worked! Check it out.

  3. keep me posted on your tile cleanings… let’s just say my prego self doesn’t get me excited about bending over to clean the shower tile but it needs me to get excited about that!

  4. I am excited to learn more about green cleaning. I haven’t dabbled in it because I am not willing to give up my white-bleach smelling home.

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  6. Thanks for the recommendation, Steph. I would prefer using Mrs. Meyers over Comet, so I will give it a try!

    Jen – another blogger, Jessie, mentioned that she uses tea tree oil to clean her grout. Haven’t tried that myself, but maybe it is a ray of hope in your own bathroom cleaning struggles?

  7. Jackie just sent me this link to an article on the best shower cleaners, which covers both regular and natural products:

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