Jackie & Kyle’s wedding

Yes, this last Saturday the last roommate got hitched. No more bridal showers or bachelorette parties (but it’s okay, we’ve already started in on the babies, so our calendars won’t be left void of group gatherings 🙂 )

Jackie & Kyle’s wedding was beautiful–the bride, the flowers, the venue, the food, the company, etc. This can be attributed, of course, due to Jackie’s great artistic style and super planning skills.

I think Jason had fun, too. He really got into the party favors–little Hawaiian biscotti cookies. There was an empty table next to ours and when no one was looking he swiped all the cookies for himself. We now have a nice pile at home for consumption over the next few days (sorry Jackie!).

The other fun thing was seeing one of my mentors, Steve Haas, who officiated the wedding. Steve played a crucial role in getting James, Jackie & I into global AIDS advocacy and getting us our jobs at World Vision with Acting on AIDS. It was fun to catch up with him. I think Jason also really enjoyed meeting him, since they talked triathlons and baby joggers.

And of course I won’t leave out the roommate photo–Sara, Elisabeth, Jackie, Brooke, Andrea & Meeka.


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