God provides so that we can, too

Everyone says that having kids costs money. Whether you get all the most expensive gear or try to do it on the cheap, it still seems to amount to expensive.

Thankfully, from the beginning of all this I have had a peace that God will give us what we need along the way. This peace about the unknown doesn’t usually happen to me. But when it does, it is because by the grace of God I realize from the beginning that there is no possible way I could do it on my own.

I have found that it really does save a lot of time, effort, and strife when you throw your hands up in the air at the start.

Over the course of the last few months I have been keeping a mental tally of all the ways I have seen God provide for us so that we can provide for our son (and even other future children). Some of these are tangible, material things while others are not.

  1. Jason has a good job at Olympian Precast. His employers have treated us well and he enjoys providing for us in this way.
  2. Finding the birth and baby books I was looking for at Epilogue. We had a big credit there from selling some old books, so I walked out of the store with my “new” ones without paying a single penny!
  3. Eleni offered to give us the chest of drawers she bought for Noah’s nursery when he was first born.
  4. Stephenny gave us Solomon’s baby swing.
  5. Jason’s sister, Tiffany, offered to give us Jackson’s old baby clothes.
  6. Going shopping for maternity clothes and finding that Gap was having a huge sale. A lot of things I bought were marked down to half off.
  7. Jason’s mom, Becky, bought me some more maternity items from Target and gave them to me while we were in Minnesota.
  8. Mom offering to buy us a crib and mattress.
  9. A family baby shower in Minnesota. We got some great gifts and a sizeable donation to our baby jogger fund, thanks to Dad & Linda.
  10. My nanny job taking care of Ryder (9 months) this summer. Being a part of their household has helped me hone down what I think we’ll need/like and what we won’t.
  11. Our midwife, Cindie, who has continually made herself available to answer questions, share her personal wisdom, and pray with us.
  12. Mother Teresa’s grandma boxes. Or, I think at this point it has turned plural–boxes. She’s been collecting toys, books, and clothes for her grandchild since before I even had a boyfriend. Not to mention she’s saved a bunch of stuff from when I was little to pass onto me now. Last weekend we went through a bunch of it. I’m glad to see her having so much fun collecting and blessing us with all these goods.
  13. Jordan & Elysia surprised me a few days ago by sending me the complete 3-DVD box set series of Anne of Green Gables! I have been wanting this for quite some time and I think in those first few weeks of re-cooping, cuddling, and breastfeeding it will be nice to pop into the computer to watch.
  14. Having great health insurance that will cover the majority of our midwife, ultrasounds, birthing, and newborn care costs.
  15. Becky calling me yesterday to tell me she ordered a nursing book to help me get acquainted with this new endeavor.
  16. Recommendations I have received from super-researcher Alyssa. She told us about Happiest Baby on the Block, Baby Bargains, and numerous other helpful resources. And, she has organized the Expectant Mom’s Group I have been going to.
  17. Talking with Becky about her experiences giving birth, breastfeeding, and caring for a newborn. After four children (with their own unique birth and newborn stories), her information has been really helpful.
  18. Just when I started doing research into cloth diapering, Kimberley posted a whole series on her experience with them on her blog. I was so excited about the timeliness of this!
  19. That I get to be a homemaker, where I have the opportunity and more time to do certain tasks myself (housecleaning, cloth diapering, baby food making, etc.) in order to save money. Plus, automatic free child care (if you don’t count the blood, sweat and tears!).
  20. A really fun and special season in our marriage that God has provided. We have the time right now to soak up each other’s undivided attention and build a stronger foundation to stand on after Baby H (and the sleepless nights) come.

There are probably more that I’ve forgotten, but as you can see, there are a lot of things to be thankful for. I look forward to seeing many more ways that God provides!


One response to “God provides so that we can, too

  1. One more thing–the day after I wrote this post we received in the mail from Jason’s dad, Bill, two parentings books he recommends from John Rosemund: “The Six-Point Plan for Raising Happy, Healthy, Children” and “Parenting by the Book”.

    Thanks, Bill!

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