Getting the shower clean

I HATE cleaning the shower. Part of the reason is because I’m not very good at it; I get done and it still looks dirty.

Here are a few of my main problems/questions:

  • Disgusting build-up on the glass shower doors. Does anyone know how to get rid of it? I tried lemon juice but that didn’t work at all.
  • Getting the tub sparkly white and clean. I have started to use Bon Ami, a more natural cleaning product, which seems to work fine on the porcelain sink, but my tub still looks dirty.
  • Cleaning shower tile. I never really can tell if it’s clean, and I’m starting to wonder if there is build-up camoflauging itself within the tile’s tannish-beige color.

I would prefer to use simple, household cleaners (like vinegar, alcohol, lemon juice) or a natural store-bought product, but any suggestions at this point would relieve my frustrations!


6 responses to “Getting the shower clean

  1. It’s absolutely not natural but Mr. Clean Magic Erasers and Comet Soft Scrub make my bathrooms purty. Without them, I’m lost.

  2. i love comet/ajax on the tiles and tub as well as for the shower doors. just be sure to give the glass doors a good rinse when you’re done. they get all the grime off. and if mold/mildew is an issue clorox is awesome 🙂

  3. Sometimes I mix a little tea-tree oil in with my vinegar/water solution. It helps with the mold and makes the grout all sparkley.

    @Team Nelson: I never thought to use Mr. Clean erasers, though. Brilliant.

  4. My favorite clean shower tip: put your shower curtain liner in the washing machine. On cold, and don’t put it in the dryer of course. You can use your regular detergent on it. Comes out crystal clear.

    I battle the shower a lot. Totally not natural, but what i use because it involves the least elbow grease and least time for me inhaling fumes (gives me killer headaches). I use the scrubbing bubbles stuff, open all the windows, leave it on for 10 minutes, come back and wash it all down. Usually gets the lions share of it. Like I said, not the most natural, but, a girl has her limits.

    My plan is to try to convince my husband to clean it as often as possible. =)

    I wonder if filling a spray bottle with a vinegar solution and using it after each shower would cut down on the buildup?

  5. Maybe you could scour it clean with a chemical cleaner once, then maintain daily with a bottle of vinegar solution like Amy suggested?

    I use comet for my fiberglass bathtub. Scrubs the grime right off.

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