A visit to Mother dear

I’ve been in Coeur d’Alene the last few days at the Mother Teresa commune.  The weather has been perfect–sunny, clear skies, in the 80s.  I love dry, HOT weather!

Thursday evening was girls night out. Mom took Erin, Miranda and I to dinner at Arrow Point and then to Dockside for dessert.

It was such a blessing to see Erin and Miranda.  We’ve been friends since middle school and we always seem to fall back into good conversation when we see each other. 

Over the weekend Mom and I did the shopping rounds.  We hit up the Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale, Babies ‘R Us and Burlington Coat Factory’s Baby Depot on Friday.  We came home quite pleased with our deals, especially on baby items.

Today we went to the Farmer’s Market here in town and saw Tara’s mom, Jessica, who has booth there where she is selling her sewing creations.  She let me pick out this cute bag to take home with me.  Then we did our usual TJ Maxx visit, a few errands and then arrived home for a nice long nap.

Lizzie has been close by when we’ve been around the house,  but I am not too happy about some of the behavior I’ve seen (ie–jumping up on the table and finishing off Mother’s morning oatmeal).  But, I still love her anyway.  And, we will just nip those nasty habbits in the bud when she comes home (spray bottle here we come).

On the homefront, Jason called today to tell me he sprained his ankle.  It’s not an exciting story–he rolled it running in Woodland Park.  He then proceeded to sit down on the ground and writhe in pain.

The story does get exciting, though, when he was rescued by a nearby Norwegian family reunion gathering.  They kindly transported him home and helped him up the stairs to our apartment. 

He has remained there ever since, lounging on the bed, his foot up in the air compressed by the belt to my bathrobe. 

Tomorrow I fly home and nurse Jason back to health.  In other words, I will oogle over him incessantly, which will make him feel like a million bucks.

Visits to Mother Teresa’s are always quite relaxing and fun.  In another three weeks we will head back over for a boating weekend on the lake!


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