Infant CPR & Safety

Jason and I took Swedish Hospital’s Infant CPR & Safety Class a few weeks ago, which I highly recommend to anyone expecting a baby. The class covered infant CPR and choking procedures (which are thankfully not that complicated), what baby products are safe/unsafe, and even how to help your pets adjust to baby.

Our instructor, Jennifer, was fantastic. She was very clear and knew a ton about all the above topics. If you decide to take the class see if you can request her.

[WARNING: This hereby marks my first concerned mother rant. Don’t worry, this isn’t turning into a parenting blog (seeing as how I am clearly NOT experienced!).]

I was enlightened (or maybe shocked is the better word) during our class by learning what baby products are unsafe. Here are the highlights:

  • Never buy a used car seat. You don’t know if it’s been in a car crash and even minor fender benders can compromise the safety of the seat. You can’t tell always tell just by looking at it.
  • Bumper pads are dangerous! Infants can suffocate with them and older babies can use them as stepping stools to propel themselves out of their cribs (and break their necks in the fall). In fact, the less in the crib the better.
  • 4 items must pass federal safety standards: cribs, car seats, rattles and pacifiers. Everything else is up for grabs in the safety department, so research is important!

There is much more to learn, but thanks to this class Baby H will be bumper free, new car seat outfitted and hopefully safe and sound in many other areas of baby life.


One response to “Infant CPR & Safety

  1. even if you don’t go for the “parenting blog” schtick, I’m excited to learn along with you, being the clueless non parent who looks forward to being a parent someday. =)

    Will file away the advice for future use. Thanks!

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