Minnesota memories

Jason and I got back on Monday from a 4th of July trip to Minnesota. Our time was spent either making memories, looking back on old ones, or getting excited about future ones.

Jason’s parents, Bill & Becky, met us in Minneapolis at my dad’s place on Thursday. The next morning Jason and I got up and walked/ran around Lake of the Isles. Then we went over to Linda’s to celebrate the 4th and Dad’s birthday with food, family, and a baby shower.

The Haggards, of course, brought an entertaining presence to the Krohn family gathering–especially when Jason flung the birthday cake across the living room floor, sparkly candle and all.

Thankfully, everyone (and the white carpet) survived. And the cake stayed relatively in tact. I’m still beating myself over the head for not video taping the whole ordeal.

That evening we came home pretty wiped out, but Jason, Bill, Becky & I stayed up late talking about marriage and parenthood. They shared what they learned from their experiences and encouraged us in the Lord of the joys of loving one another and our little munchkin. I was very blessed by this conversation. It made me think about all the memories we will all make.

That night (or maybe it was the night before?) I felt Baby H kick for the first time! Very exciting.

On Saturday we went over to St. Paul and toured Victoria Crossing and the old mansions along Summit Ave. Then Jason and I drove over to Wayzata, where I grew up. It was a really special experience to show him a place that holds so many memories for me.

Here’s a brief synopsis of our time there from Jason:

We finished the evening off in Minneapolis with dinner at Cafe Lurcat, a walk through the sculpture garden, and Sebastian Joe’s for ice cream. We thought we were wrapping up the evening, but instead we proceeded to get lost on the way home for about an hour and half.

God had something in mind with our little driving adventure–we stumbled across the church I grew up going to, Mount Olivet. I had no idea where it was or that we were even in close vicinity to it.

So we stopped and looked around in the dark and I told him about my experiences there. I was amazed to think about how God knows every moment and how they all connect, from the beginning of our lives until the end.

On Sunday we went to Bethlehem Baptist for church and then Jason and I visited my Aunt Karen and her lovely brood of animals. She took us to Highland Grill for lunch and then we sat around and chatted for a bit.

We ended that day out to dinner with Dad & Linda at Spill the Wine where we stuffed ourselves with calamari, potato gnocchi, and strawberry shortcake, among other things.

The trip was a total blessing–so much so that I didn’t want to come home! Praise God for celebrations, family, good food, beautiful weather and many memories (past, present and future).

See the rest of the pictures here.


2 responses to “Minnesota memories

  1. Your blog is lovely! Esp like the photo on your header. I was searching for MN blogs to see what is out there — as I have a MN blog. Fun to see your 4th of July entry! I have been wanting Sebastian Joe’s for last 2 weeks.

    I have one book idea for you too — I noticed your book collection and that you are expecting. I wish someone would have told me about the Science of Parenting earlier. It is a great explanation about how babies physically develop and grow! Perfect for someone like yourself, I think.

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