There’s a tall, lanky man living on my couch

Jordan came to visit this Saturday from Korea. He and Elysia are moving here in the fall, so he’s been spending his time looking for housing and getting acquainted with UW, where he’ll be going to grad school.

I have found said Best Man to be an extremely helpful house guest. I came home the other day and he was sweeping my floors. He had also scrubbed my stove top to a glistening white (cleaner than I’ve ever gotten it myself!) AND he bought us groceries.

Are these just a few of Jordan’s many spiritual gifts or the influence of Elysia? I do not know.

We have been eating, as us Haggards often do, although I must admit we have not provided Jordan with many home-cooked meals. But, here is evidence of at least one:

I told Jason to look happy but he clearly refused.

After our dinner we walked down to Molly Moon’s, Jason’s new favorite ice cream joint. Jordan treated us to a banana split with chocolate, salted caramel and balsamic strawberry flavors with a size-able dollop of homemade whip cream. Tired husband and pregnant wife were thoroughly grateful.

View a few more photos here.


2 responses to “There’s a tall, lanky man living on my couch

  1. mmmmmm ice cream with strange and delicious flavored toppings….

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