When a man loves a woman . . .

. . . he will learn to love, or at least accept, her love of cats (or one cat in particular).

My husband is a prime example. When we were at Stehekin over Memorial Day Jason took short orders for breakfast eggs. My request was an over-easy egg in the shape of a cat with the yolk at its belly like it was having babies.

Some of you who know me will think this is funny. Some of you will think it’s weird.

Jason ended up making me scrambled eggs. But last weekend, to my surprise, he made me a pancake in the shape of a cat.

This is true love.

P.S. Beginning in August, as we draw closer to our lease being up and us moving, I will officially begin the BLHC (“Bring Lizzie Home Campaign”).


One response to “When a man loves a woman . . .

  1. surprisedbyjoy

    I really love this cat pancake. I find it much cuter and more hilarious than I probably should! Ryan makes us pancakes or French toast every weekend and cat pancakes are definitely going on the request list.

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