Brain-bending math equations and other wickedness of the heart

Recently a friend lovingly pointed out that she saw a self-righteous and proud attitude in me when it comes to a particular relationship in my life. In that relationship, I see the other person as more of a sinner than I am.

Actually, this isn’t a new thing for me. A repeat from the past, just with a new person filling in the “more of a sinner” role.

I’ve been thinking about my friend’s words these last few weeks in the same way that I would if I were doing some kind of brain-bending math equation. Trying to peel away the blinders that keep me from seeing what she sees has not come naturally.

The odd thing is that despite not seeing so clearly, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that my friend is right. That must be the Holy Spirit.

I decided to share this after reading Jen’s post.


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