Apparently not.

Things got a bit better from there. We found a field of daffodils a ways down the road and then gave up and headed to the outlet mall.

See pictures here and here.


2 responses to “Tulips?

  1. Hi Elisabeth,

    I found your blog through Amie C’s. I saw your video about the tulips. I live up here in Skagit Co. and I’m guessing that’s where you were for the video? For future, here’s a good link with a ‘bloom map’ where you can find out when things are really in bloom. http://www.tulips.com/bloommap.cfm?body=bloommap08.cfm I don’t expect that you’ll be heading back up anytime soon, but if you do, hopefully that’ll help so you don’t have another sad tulip experience. : )

  2. Awe! You looked so dissapointed! I’m so bummed for you! At least you both had a great sense of humor about it!

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