Marriage advice we didn’t listen to

People always say “marry someone you can laugh with.” That was not the case for us.

I like dry, sarcastic, slapstick comedy (and also bathroom humor) while Jason is into good, ol’ fashioned cheese. This, of course, evokes in me the gag-reflex to majorly roll my eyes.

Here’s an example–Jason got this from his friend Ben and he thought it funny enough to print out at work and show it to me.

Although I found it quite cute (and strange) that he would bring this home to me, mass forwards that make their rounds across the internet are not all that amusing to me. Plus, I can think of more than one ocassion where we spent ample time pant shopping for him . . . (Jason: “My thighs are so huge it makes the pants feel tight!”).

I have also found that, when we’re watching a movie and someone says something Jason thinks is funny, he will laugh and then turn to me and repeat the joke, as if I did not hear it the first time. When I finally told him he does this he acted unaware of it.

Actually it works out quite fine because I’m usually not laughing at the joke so I can give him my full attention and support.

But, Jason puts up with me, too. While we were engaged, I would make him read this with me. I would be rolling over laughing while he would have the gag-reflex to, well, gag. Sally never thought it was funny either. She would always say “I deal with enough poop at work, I don’t want to be reminded at home.”

She does have a point.

Even though the above evidence is to the contrary, Jason and I really are finding more and more things to laugh about together. Usually this involves one of us doing something silly or stupid and the other one laughing at them. It takes guts to not take yourself so seriously and laugh alongside your spouse.


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