How Tony Romo helped me set the hook!

I meant to pen this blog yesterday.  Which in and of itself is an interesting comment.  A blog is just a journal, right?  So if something happened of enough meaning yesterday that I should have wrote about it, why didn’t I?  Umm…  I don’t know.

Anyway,  Yesterday was significant, but not because of anything that happened then.  (Well, something actually did happen yesterday, but that is for another blog.)  Yesterday’s significance comes from its day as an anniversary.

January 6th, 2007.  Elisabeth and I have enjoyed our New Year’s date.  The following days include some bad ones, my birthday, and some good ones, all the rest.  We are still talking a lot and my heart is definitely growing towards her and bring courage with it.   I decide that I am going to ask her to take this to the next level.  (I have no idea what the “next level” is, but I was pretty sure it included words like, dating, girlfriend, etc.)  The next time I expect to see her is Sunday the 7th, so that is the plan.  But then…

“Jason, I am at my friend’s Matt and Adelle’s house.  We are watching the football game that just started.  Do you have plans or would you like to watch it with us?”

Football, girl I like, possibly free food.  Yes Please!

So I head up to Edmonds.  The plan was for us to…  there wasn’t a plan.

Well, let me get to the point.  As all of you should know, the Seattle Seahawks beat the Dallas Cowboys last year in the first round of the NFL playoffs.  It was a thrilling game.  Neck and neck down to the last minute.  The Seahawks are up by 1 point.  Dallas has the ball and is pushing into Seahawk territory.  Less than two minutes on the clock.  A 32 yard pass from Romo to Witten bring the Cowboys  to the Seattle 3 yard line and the game is essentially a wash.  A chip shot as time expires to win the game.  Happens all the time.  Defending NFC Champions are going to be out in the first round.  But wait.  What’s that!  Tony has fumbled the snap!  There is no kick, wait, no, he is running to his left!  Oh, YES!, Babineaux takes him just short to the goal line.  Cowboys turn the ball over on downs!  Seattle wins!  Seattle wins!

Now I know that I am not expressing the joy in this blog that i was expressing on that night.  Matt, Adelle’s brother, and I are hi-fiving, jumping around the room, beating our chests.  I remember at least one time falling the the floor and rithing over a blow coverage.  It is a great game and I am pumped.  At one point during the game I realize that Elisabeth likes me.  I knew that because as we were sitting there during the game, I on the couch, her on the floor near my leg, she reaches over and puts her hand on my calf.  Innocent, yes, but she leaves it there a little longer than a moment.  How could I have known that she is turned on by men being excited about football and banging their chests together and all?

I notice it right away and quickly conclude that it isn’t appropriate for two people who are just friends.  I pull my leg away and decide that we won’t be just friends for much longer.

After the game as we are still catching our breaths, I ask Elisabeth to come into the back room.  She is nervous because she thinks she did something wrong.  I ask her to sit down and proceed to tell her that I like her.  I like how she put her hand on my leg.  I tell her that it wasn’t right, but that I want to make that right now.  I ask her to be my girlfriend.

(Long awkward silence.)

Elisabeth asked me if she has to decide right then.  I say she does.  She asks me if this is what she should do.  I tell her she has to make that decision.  She asks me if this is what God wants?  I tell her I am not sure, but it is what I want.  She let’s me sweat a bit.  Then, nervously, she says,

“So you are not asking me to marry you, right?”


“You are not asking me to have your children, right?”

“Right, I am asking you to hold my hand every once in a while.”

“ok, yes”

Elisabeth, I have come to discover, takes a little while to accept new things.  She has to warm up to a change.  But in the end, we started dating.  She was my girlfriend.  So, as everyone can see, if Tony Romo had fielded that snap, Gramatica had made the field goal, and the Cowboys had won, it is a possibility that we wouldn’t not be married today.

But at this point, she is just “girlfriend”, now on to making her “fiancée.”


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