Happy Birthday, Jason

Jason turned 32 this last Wednesday, January 2nd. I know it’s hard to believe since he could pass for a 25-year-old, but I assure you, he whines with the aches and pains of someone in his thirties (or older).

For his first birthday as a married man, I took on my wifely duties of concocting birthday fun with much enthusiasm. The celebration came in a three-part series:

Day 1 (Wednesday)

This was Jason’s actual birthday, but since it was on a work day, we couldn’t do much. I got up early in the morning to make him Swedish pancakes (one of his family favorites). When he got home we made dinner together and celebrated with Trophy Cupcakes (if you’ve never had a Trophy, let me assure you, you have never really lived).

Day 2 (Friday)

This part was somewhat unplanned. Part of Day 3’s festivities originally included going to Costco, but not knowing this, Jason told me on Thursday that he wanted me to pick up him so we could there after work on Friday. Being a seasoned surprise organizer who (on rare occasions) can deal with flexibility, I made the change in plans.

Going to Costco may seem like a weird thing to do to celebrate someone’s birthday, but it is one of Jason’s favorite places. He doesn’t have to have a list of things to buy, he just likes walking through all the aisles, eating the samples, and buying random stuff. The event occasionally concludes with the $1.50 hot dog and coke meal.

I, on the other hand, do not enjoy this activity. Costco stresses me out. My strategy is get in and get out. Needless to say, our previous Costco runs have resulted in me whining about 1) how long he’s taking and 2) that we came out of the store with a bunch of stuff we didn’t need. My gift to him was no whining. He could enjoy Costco to his heart’s delight and I would be right by his side supporting him.

Friday I also completed my leader’s recon. This is a military term Jason uses for the prepatory research it takes to successfully execute a mission. He usually does a recon before big dates he’s taking me out on. Learning from my husband, I did the same thing. All systems were a go.

Day 3 (Saturday)

This was the official celebration day. Jason loves surprises as much as I do, so I planned the entire day’s activities but told him nothing of the details. And I hyped it up big time all week. He was getting really excited.

Our first destination was the Wild Mountain Cafe in Greenwood. Alyssa recommended it for breakfast. The eggs benedict was pretty awesome.

We then we headed over to the Eastside with our first stop being REI in Redmond. We’re going snowshoeing next weekend and Jason has been saying he wants to get me some new boots for the occasion. So, we wandered around and looked at gear to his heart’s delight.

After that we drove to Woodinville for a tour and tasting at the Chateau St Michelle Winery. Jason and I have been studying up on wine so the education we got from our guide was a good supplementation to what we’ve been learning at home. Jason asked some really good questions, too. The tour ended in the wine shop with a tasting of three of their signature wines. Shortly thereafter we had an appointment for a special tasting in the Reserve Room.

This part was probably the most fun for Jason. I have never seen someone ask so many questions in my life. The woman helping us was very patient and tried to help him figure out the characteristics he likes in a merlot. Jason says next time he wants to go back and focus on another varietal. As you can see, he ended this part of the day by making friends with a local peacock.

After that we came back to Seattle. Jason didn’t know this at the time, but the grand finale was coming–a surprise birthday dinner at La Carta de Oaxaca. I had to kill some time with him, so we went Second Ascent to look at more outdoor gear and then wandered in and out of the shops in old Ballard. Meanwhile, Sally the amazing party people organizer, was on her way to La Carta to meet the rest of our friends and get in line for for a 15-person table.

Our friends did an amazing job with the surprise, hiding under the awning of the restaurant until right when we approached. Jason was shocked and confused when they all yelled “SURPRISE!”. We all had a great time at La Carta, especially Jason, who when we started to sing him Happy Birthday forgot that everybody was singing to him and happily added his voice (that is, until I elbowed him).

Above is a photo of all who attended. I assure you that even though Jason looks the most unhappy of everyone, he was having the most fun πŸ™‚

After dinner we walked over to Cupcake Royale (not nearly as good as Trophy) with Scott, Courtney and Greg and got a sweet treat before heading to the Majestic Bay to see Charlie Wilson’s War. And that was it–a very full day.

Jason has proudly proclaimed his 32nd birthday to be the best one ever. Wife’s mission accomplished. Thank you to everyone who came and celebrated with us. You are dear friends and Jason felt very loved having you all there.


4 responses to “Happy Birthday, Jason

  1. What a sweet wife!!!!!

  2. COSTCO! Like father, like son. It brought tears to my eyes the see that I had brought you up so well. Costco (Sams) rocks. Sad to say though, Elisabeth and Jason’s Mom are very much alike when it comes to trips there. “Hey, you never know, they could have got some new stuff in!” And the hotdogs, pure heaven.

  3. I had heard it was a family tradition of sorts. Some things are meant to stay in the family, I guess . . . πŸ™‚

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