Highlights from a Haggard Christmas

In the days approaching Christmas, I had been worried that I just wasn’t absorbing the value of Jesus’ birth and didn’t know what to do but pray for some kind of breakthrough, some instance of “getting it.” Looking back, the flesh in me was praying for a wonderful, secure feeling. A feeling of holiness. The spirit in me really did want to understand more deeply what the miracle meant–that Jesus emptied His rights and became a human being.

I didn’t get the wonderful feelings. But, the reality that God came to earth is still true, and I am glad for that.

Despite my worries leading up to the day, God was very kind to Jason and I on our first Christmas. I am so thankful for the respite that our long weekend was, not just from work or the regular day-to-day stuff, but from working on our marriage and ourselves. I felt like God gave us a break from all that and were able to just enjoy each other, enjoy His generosity, and relax.

Here are some of my favorite gifts:

  • Jason’s surprise second first date
  • Going wine and cheese shopping at Met Market in West Seattle.
  • Running into old friends at Mars Hill Wedgwood‘s Christmas Eve service.
  • Seeing Jason get tears in his eyes when he opened his gift from Justin. He had brought back Jason a stone from Normandy Beach in France and told him some day he needs to go there.
  • Waking up on Christmas morning and discovering that Jason had shaved off his beard in the middle of the night, just to surprise me.
  • Calling friends and family. Jordan says “Aloha!” from Hawaii (but I think he misses Elysia).
  • The lighted baseball cap Tiff got Jason. Whenever either one of us needed to get a better look at something, we’d say, “Hold on!”, grab the hat, and then put its blaring bright lights in each other’s face (or our guests).
  • Surprising sister Sally at work with hors d’ oeuvres on Christmas day (in our cheesy matching outfits).
  • Spending hours in the kitchen cooking with Jason.

And the very best gift, well, I’m saving that for my next post. There’s some history behind it (as any good gift should have) and too long to explain right now.

But, you can view photos of our Christmas.


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