Reliving a first

I knew Jason and I’s Christmas celebration had come to a close when I woke up this morning and rolled over and he wasn’t there to snuggle with. I missed him. I put on his slippers when I got out of bed, but it didn’t make me feel much better.

For the past hour I’ve been sitting on the couch, making a thank you list to God for all the great things He brought about this weekend, at Christmas. It got me excited all over again. For now, I’ll just share one great memory and in the coming days share more.

Exactly a year ago this past Saturday I stared across the table at this man at a Starbucks down in Pioneer Square. This was our first date. He wore this exact outfit and had the same expression on his face. We talked about theology and he said something that sort of sounded like heresy. I was annoyed.

Now, one year later, I am married to him. Obviously, quite a few things happened in between.

Jason is so awesome at surprises. He told me he was going to cook me an Italian dinner on Saturday, but obviously that didn’t happen. Reliving our first date, on its anniversary, was an ingenious idea and so romantic.

Before I continue on, I suggest you read the original first date account written by Jason. It’s funny, and will make the second first date all the more amusing.

We started out at Elliot Bay Bookstore (before the first date he found out I loved books). The first time we walked around, trying to impress each other with our knowledge of, well, knowledge. He revealed his love of The Hobbit. This time we looked at foodie books and talked about the restaurant we dream of starting one day.

After that we went to Starbucks down the street, where the annoying conversation happened. It was better this time. We laughed back on it and ate a molasses cookie. Jason saved me the last piece, making sure it was the soft, chewy middle part.

Next we drove over to Tango, where Jason first wined and dined me. The place is intimate, candle-lit, and has amazing Spanish tapas. The food was great the first time, and just as good the second. We tried several cheeses, had some good wine, and concluded the meal with Penn Cove Mussels, which have become a thing we do, ever since Four Swallows.

As I sat there across from him on our second first date, I thought about the comment he made the first time, which will be forever ingrained in my mind (and which he, only vaguely remembers). We were deep in conversation and he was telling me about his time in the military. I was quite interested and very intently listening. In the middle of a thought he stopped and became a bit disoriented. I wondered what was going on. He said, “I’m sorry, you’re just so beautiful it’s distracting me.” It was not cheesy–it was one of the most genuine, heartfelt things he’s ever said to me.

If that doesn’t redeem the previous annoying heresy conversation, I don’t know what would.

After Tango, we went to the Sorrento Fireside Room for dessert. Just like last time, the actual Fireside Room was filled to the brim, so we sat in the bar. The first time: Chocolate Molten Cake; the second first time: Chocolate Bread Pudding. Both were good, but not great.

Being at the Sorrento brought back memories of our wedding day, as this is where we spent our first night together. As we walked into the lobby I thought about the moment we did the same thing, Jason in his black suit and me in my wedding dress. I thought about how beautiful our wedding was, all the people there with us, how handsome Jason looked, how new and exciting it all was, how much I felt loved by God on that day.

And, with all that, I thought about how although the romance and excitement has come and gone and come back again in the last few months, I am glad for all the experiences we have had and that God has been working in us and in our marriage.

As we ended the evening I said to Jason, “You know, sometimes I think things are never going to change. But reliving this, I realizing that God has done so much, and it’s only been a year.” He laughed about that, knowing that I can be so dramatic sometimes.

“You’re right,” he said. “Who knows what will happen this next year.”


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