It seems that since I wrote this post, no one who reads this blog has any reason to rejoice. That really sucks. But is that really the case?

If not, respond in the comment section with something you are rejoicing about.

At the sake of noodling out of my hypocrisy, here are some reasons I have to rejoice:

  1. I am alive and well. No terminal illnesses or chronic diseases (except sin).
  2. My husband is sticking out this marriage thing with me.
  3. God has strengthened my already-existing friendships, made acquaintances friends, and brought some new people into my life recently. And, my heart has actually been open to it.
  4. God has been teaching me about prayer recently and answering my prayer that I would, in fact, want to pray. Sometimes.
  5. I have had some opportunities (and the guts) recently to speak to people I don’t know about Jesus. I do NOT have the gift of evangelism, so this is quite a miracle.
  6. I have started to read novels again after a long stint of legalism in which I only read Christian books and commentaries. I feel like an English Lit major again.
  7. My husband has been given a great job which allows me to stay home.
  8. God is teaching me about death. At first, I didn’t think this was a reason to rejoice, but I am finding that for the first time in a long time, I am seeing some reason to hope in heaven and not so much in this life.
  9. I think I might just be on the cusp of some new kind of growth, a starting over and learning the gospel all over again. We will see.
  10. Jason likes my tuna casserole. And it’s so easy to make!

3 responses to “Rejoice?

  1. 1. I rejoice because I am not the alcoholic terminally depressed addict I was five years ago who was hell bent on killing herself.
    2. I rejoice because my heart has been changed from the inside out and Jesus is constantly sanctifiying me and granting me mercy I do not deserve to be more like Him.
    3. I rejoice because I have a husband who loves Jesus and preaches and Pastors me daily in the Word.
    4. I rejoice that I have a son who allows me to understand how our God must feel when we rebel against Him. Through my son, I clearly and emphatically see my sin and am able to mourn over it with the Spirit of God.
    5. I rejoice that we have a roof over our heads, food in our bellies and clothes on our backs.
    6. I rejoice because I am watching “The Ringer” to the Glory of God.

  2. 1. I rejoice because there’s a large mystery box in my closet that my husband won’t let me see until Christmas.
    2. I rejoice because God has healed me of my chronic migraines.
    3. I rejoice because I love my job.
    4. I rejoice because God is showing me new ways to use my gifts for his glory.
    5. I rejoice because we found a wonderful church family so soon after moving to the area.

  3. 1. I rejoice for having a husband who loves me and works hard to provide for me and our son.

    2. I rejoice for my baby, Colin! He is healthy and a joy in my life!

    3. I rejoice for my family (that grew in the last year!) who supports me despite my mistakes.

    4. I rejoice for my jobs with Massage Envy and Arbonne that help with our family’s income.

    5. I rejoice that we have food on the table even though we are struggling to pay for living expenses, hospital bills, and student loans.

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