The Refiner’s fire

A while back I briefly mentioned the furnace of martial affliction (which I came to first experience on day 4 if our marriage). This is John Piper at his finest. And in that affliction, it is often me at my lowest.

The furnace continues on, sometimes at a flicker, other times a burning rage. My husband is a trooper in many ways. And the Lord God Almighty continues to bring hope, as He did this morning as I reflected on our wedding passage:

“And he is before all things, and in him all things hold together . . .” (Col 1:17)

Jason has reminded me of this point on several occasions in the last few months and it has brought me great comfort. God is holding us together. Not my daily resolution to put my foot down on my anger (or my selfishness or my pride). Certainly not my clean house or a well-cooked meal.

One of my favorite blogs is Reforming the Feminine, which is part of the Vox Pop Network that I oversaw in my former job at Mars Hill. And one of my favorite bloggers is Shelly Ossinger. She’s a wife, a mom to a slew of kids, an engaging writer and a very wise and winsome lady. She posted today on the Refiner’s fire and shared this quote:

“The devil, things and people being what they are, it is necessary for God to use the hammer, the file and the furnace in His holy work of preparing a saint for true sainthood. It is doubtful whether God can bless a man greatly until He has hurt him deeply. “The Root of the Righteous, A.W. Tozer, p. 157

Yes, that’s it, that’s the furnace of marital affliction right there!

And so goes marriage, the greatest Refiner’s fire so far in my life. May the wounds continue and may the blessings come.


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