A Haggard Christmas

Some highlights from the Haggard home at Christmas time:

  1. Kicking the season off right with the 3rd annual Swanky Christmas Party (see cheesy couple photo).
  2. Mom sent us home after Thanksgiving with a Christmas wreath, which now hangs beautifully on our front door.
  3. We bought a 4.5′ Grand Fir this year and it smells AMAZING. Well worth the little bit extra it cost.
  4. We celebrated Christmas with Dad while visiting for Christian’s memorial service. He bought Jason and I matching fleece-hooded sweatshirts (see second cheesy couple photo). Dad also got Jason a book he’s really excited about – 1,000 Places to See Before You Die. After pouring over it on the plane ride home, he proudly announced to me that he’s been to 49 of the locations.
  5. Sufjan’s Christmas. And, I’ve been listening to Over the Rhine‘s Snow Angels off of their website.
  6. Sally and I are scheduled to make Christmas cookies this Monday. Baking menu undetermined.
  7. We’ve already had one Gospel Choir Christmas Concert at UW. This Sunday Sally and I will be performing with the choir and the Mt. Zion Baptist Choir at Benaroya Hall. It should be fantastic.
  8. Gift shopping has concluded and I am very excited about all the purchases. But, word is mum since recipients read this site . . .
  9. We’ve been talking about starting some family traditions. So far, we’ve come up with Top Pot doughnuts on Christmas morning. They are AMAZING.
  10. Sally will be joining us for Christmas dinner at our place, which will include turkey, my mom’s famous sweet potato gratin and mushroom stuffing, and dessert by Jason.

Merry Christmas!


One response to “A Haggard Christmas

  1. >>
    The wounds of generations
    Almost too deep to heal
    Scar the timeworn miracle
    And make it seem surreal

    That stanza from “Little Town” on Over the Rhine’s “Snow Angels” keeps resounding with me this season — from the interpersonal to the national and generational — grace is an anomaly that wakes me from my stupor.

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