On our way to the Midwest

I’m close to packing us all up, for today we leave for Minneapolis. Tomorrow we’ll wake up at my dad’s house, get in the car and drive 5 hours to Racine, Wisconsin, where Christian’s memorial service is being held. Jason will head back to Seattle on Sunday and I’ll stay on and spend some time with family until Tuesday.

I wish it all wasn’t so. I can tell that Jason is feeling heavy and starting to emotionally prepare (if you can) for the next few days. On top of that, it seems that Satan is on our tail. Leading up to visiting family the spiritual battle comes on with a bit more force. The enemy’s temptations usually leave Jason and I feeling guilty and exhausted from some huge argument that started from some meaningless comment or annoying habit. Pride in my heart has has a full-on parade. Mind you, this is before we get to our final destination.

Please pray for the Skoglunds and all the visiting family and friends at the memorial service and the upcoming funeral in Arlington, Virginia. I can’t imagine how hard it will be, but I do hope that the presence of Jesus is felt by many. And for Jason and I pray for safe travels, a good visit with family, and strength in the battle.


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