Pray for Liz

Jason sent me the link to Liz Skoglund’s blog this morning. I spent time reading her posts since Christian died. I cry for her. Sometimes I am scared and think “what if there were me?”. It is strange how compassion, idolatry and confusion can mingle so closely in my tears.

Please pray for Liz, as she figures out the details of her husband’s memorial service and funeral, as well as moving back from Italy where they were stationed. Please continue to pray for her in the coming months and years, when all the busyness dies down and life continues on without Christian in it. I ache for her.

Please also pray for the Skoglund family. Jason says Christian had an amazing family who loved Jesus and need to know, more than ever, that Jesus loves them amazingly.

The memorial service for Christian will be held in Racine, Wisconsin, on December 8th. I’ll be going with Jason, as he will be representing Jordan and Rich (the 4 of them all lived together in flight school), who are serving in the military in other parts of the world. We will be staying with my dad in Minneapolis, as Racine is only an hour’s drive from there.



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