Costa Rica: Days 1-3

Less than 24 hours after our wedding, Jason and I packed up our stuff at the Sorrento Hotel and headed off to the airport for Costa Rica. Jason had booked an all-inclusive resort on the Pacific Coast of the country (which will remain nameless for reasons you will find out later). After a full day’s travel we arrived at the resort, ready for sleep.

Our driver from the airport that night informed us that we were visiting during the rainy season, which meant that it would rain for about 2 hours in the afternoon, but other than that we would have sun. When we woke up the next morning, ready to investigate our location, it was raining. It continued to do so for our entire trip.

For the next 48 hours both of us regularly spoke the words to ourselves, “Try and have a good attitude – it’s not that bad.” But it really wasn’t at all what we had hoped for. The pool was scattered with pasty white-turned-a-crispy red, alcohol-drinking American and European tourists. The food was AWFUL (think Costa Ricans trying to do British food. Yeah, that bad). The place looked good from a distance (or in the pictures on its website), but up close it was just cheap trying to do classy. We were majorly disappointed.

On Day 3 we decided to ditch the place.We had come to the conclusion that although we longed for a nice, relaxing resort on a beach, we would much rather explore the Costa Rican countryside and eat and stay at local dives than stay where we were at. So we rented a little 4×4 SUV, grabbed a map (which we found out later was wrong), and headed out, not sure where we were going.

I can look back now and think “Oh yeah, everything turned out just fine.” But at the time, it really was a leap of faith. Jason told me as we were getting ready that he was nervous. “I’ve traveled all over the world by myself before, flying by the seat of my pants. But I’ve never traveled with a wife before.”

I must digress for a moment and say that in recent years I have grown less and less adventurous and more and more fearful of the unknown. Comfort is an idol of mine. So part of Jason’s nervousness was because he knows this about me.

God was very gracious. Although a bit nervous, I wasn’t afraid. In fact, I feel like the whole Costa Rica trip was filled with opportunities to let go of my expectations and fears. But more about that later. For now, here are the photos and video from the first part of our trip.

Costa Rica Photos


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