Our marriage vows

Several of you have asked if we would post our marriage vows on this blog, which we are very happy to do.  But before I do that, a few things I’d like to mention:

  • Jason and I know that we promised some pretty heavy things to each other.  In fact, our friend Carl said to us at our reception “Man, if you can fulfill even just 4 of those promises, you’re doing pretty good!”.  We agreed on our wedding day and continue to acknowledge that we in no way can be successful in keeping our vows without the help of Jesus.
  • The first two weeks of marriage we have been tested (as I’m sure, we always will be) and have broken pretty much every vow to each other.  For both of us, it has meant hard things to work though.  We can only rely on God’s forgiveness and allow Him to teach us to let grace grow freely in our home.
  • We are very encouraged that our wedding vows were inspirational to so many of you.   Knowing that we were used by God to help others reminds us yet again that God is doing something purposeful with our marriage, even in its very beginnings.  If you’re married, all we ask of you is that you continue to consider our vows, and more importantly, your own vows, to your spouse and do all that you can to keep them.

Jason’s Vows to Elisabeth

Elisabeth Kiemele Krohn, your name means God’s promise, which is who you are, God’s promise to me.

Because of this, as the Lord Jesus sustains me, and only through His strength, I promise these things:

  • First and above all other things, I promise to love the Lord Jesus with all my heart, soul, mind, and strength.
  • I promise to lead you to Him, covering you with His word, washing you through His blood.
  • I promise to present you to Him in splendor, without spot or blemish.
  • I promise to desire your holiness above your happiness.
  • I promise to make you laugh.I promise to give you all that I am, all my emotions, all my talents, all my strength, all my wealth, all my joy.
  • I promise to put your needs above my own, holding back no good gift.
  • I promise to speak the truth to you, protecting you from lies, protecting you from the enemy’s of Christ, even if that means at times, protecting you from yourself.
  • I promise to give you my body, without shame or hesitation, to stand before you, vulnerable, open.
  • I promise to live with you in an understanding way, to not be harsh or malicious.
  • I promise to love you all the days of my life.

Elisabeth you are my promise, you are My Lovely Beautiful.

Elisabeth’s Vows to Jason 


If it weren’t for Jesus, I would not be standing here before you.  I praise Him for His immeasurable grace and His Sovereign hand over both of our lives.  I am overjoyed that He has made me your bride, for you are a wise, respectable, deeply compassionate, God-fearing man.

With that said, it is by the grace of God that I make these vows and it is by that same grace that I will fulfill them:

  • I promise to trust you and submit to your leadership.  In this, I will respect you, encourage you, and help you as you fulfill the calling God has placed on your life.
  • I promise to be faithful to you in every way, cherishing you and forsaking all others.
  • I promise to make my heart, my body, and our home a place of rest for you, where you feel safe to bare your soul—your desires, your dreams, your fears, your strength, and your weakness.
  • I promise to stand by your side in the mountaintops of life and in the deep, deep valleys.
  • I promise to love you, even when you think yourself unlovable.  I will humbly pursue reconciliation in times of conflict, seeking forgiveness and forgiving.
  • I promise to fight the temptation to give way to fear.  Instead of idolizing my feelings, I will lean into the promises of God and allow you to love me.
  • I promise that if the Lord blesses us with children, I will point them to Jesus with my words and my actions.
  • I promise to take the risk of letting you know the deepest parts of my soul.
  • I promise to enjoy the love of God and to pursue relationship with Jesus, allowing Him to make me more like Himself with each passing day.

With these promises, my hope is that at the end your life, you will be able to say that you tasted the love of Christ deeply and intimately through my love for you, in a way you never could have otherwise.  I look forward to all the glory we will give God together and all the joy we will receive.

I love you.

Your Lovely Beautiful


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  1. those are amazing.

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