The New Year hath comith (Part 2)

So where was I? Oh yes, it is New Year’s Eve…

Elisabeth and I have parted the evening before on less than good terms. Ok, they were really hard, the first hard time. I wake up in the morning and head to Mars Hill to serve on Security. During the service, I am completely out of it. I can’t talk to my fellow men-in-arms; I end up in the Paradox sitting, convicted, anxious. “I like this girl, I want to pursue her, I don’t care if it is hard, she is worth it!”

The Red Hot Bash is that night, Elisabeth and I hadn’t really talked about going, but I decided I want to go. Elisabeth is still home so I call her during the service and ask her to go with me. She is really uncertain and asks for some time to think about it. The tickets are selling out so there isn’t much time. I leave it to God to save us a spot if we are to go and tell her I will call back in a little while.

“Hey, they are almost sold out, do you want to go?”

“I’m not sure!”

“Well, want do you want to do?”

“I want to glorify God”

“Great, but what do you want to do tonight?”

In the end she says yes, but then there is the issue of tickets. God was on our side. (So He is always on our side, but this time He was particularly pulling strings.) Julie H., a friend and co-worker of Elisabeth, is telling everyone they are sold out. Before opening my mouth she looks my way and shakes her head. I tell Julie, “You tell her then!” “Who?” I hand her the phone, Elisabeth says something I know not to this day. Julie jots down our names; we’re in!

The evening is strained. I am generally oblivious to the depth of Elisabeth’s mood. I know she is anxious, uncertain, but I can also tell that as the evening progresses, she feels more safe, more comfortable. We dance and at some point, I can tell she actually wants to be there also. Alyssa and Kabyn are a big help as we double date it, thanks.

What do I learn though? It was a hard couple days, things are hit and miss for a while and I have flash backs of relationships past and they aren’t good ones. I learn this. I am different. God is working in me and I don’t run like used to. I don’t cut bait when Elisabeth starts to pull away. I pursue, I explore, I act more like the man I want to be than any other time in my life.

This is going to be exciting.

Coming soon, Seahawks, Cowboys, and Romo.


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