Kabyn and Alyssa’s wedding

The time finally came – our good friends, Kabyn and Alyssa got married this last Saturday down in Olympia. Jason served as lead usher and I was a greeterette. Sally was one of nine bridesmaids. For those of you who don’t know Alyssa is the infamous matchmaker who set Jason and I up.

The wedding was pretty big – 350 people with there ceremony and reception in the same room (which means quick and pretty substantial changeover). Even with lots of details it all went off great thanks to so many people willing to help. They had an African-themed reception with great food and a marimba band. It was such a blessing to serve Kabyn and Alyssa in this way. Plus, they said if we end up homeless we can always stay on their couches. What good friends.

This wedding means we are sadly down one roommate at the 3rd Ave W house. I will soon follow Alyssa’s lead once we find our new digs.

Check out photos from Kabyn and Alyssa’s wedding.


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