Whidbey Triathlon

This is pretty late news, but check out photos from the Race the Rock Triathlon that Jason did over on Whidbey Island over a week ago. He says this one pretty much kicked his butt (a lot harder than the SeaFair), but I think he did fantastic. I mean, come on, who doesn’t love a hairy man in tight spandex? Wait, don’t answer that question . . .

Scott and Courtney Canavera were there (Courtney was also racing). The weather was overcast on the swim, but as Scott and I wound our way across the island trying to catch up to Jason and Courtney (they’re sooo fast!), the sun came out and it ended up being a nice day.

After the race, Jason and I drove over to Langley and walked around, enjoying the beautiful view and browsing through through the shops there. We also check out the Inn at Langley, which we vowed we would come back to at some point or another (when we can fork over the big bucks to book a night).

After that we drove over to Lakeside Bible Camp, where Jason has fond memories of working on staff there. I got to meet one of his good friends, Steve Balee (who I think is quite funny) as well as see the Vederoffs, as they were out there helping with camp activities.

We headed home pretty exhausted, but at least this time Jason didn’t lock his keys in the car while we were on the ferry, as he did on one of our first dates.  In fact, the car is still on the ferry, happily cruising back and forth.  Just kidding.


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