Major life changes = less blogging

It’s true, we haven’t been blogging much. Here’s why:

Reason 1: Last week we were both sick as dogs. Both of us had strep and I also got pink eye. Yuck. There was a point where all we could do was just lay on the couch and moan. Antibiotics and lots of sleep over the weekend has done wonders and I would say we’re almost fully recovered. Praise Jesus for modern medicine.

Reason 2: Jason’s been doing job stuff. Last Friday he had an interview for an engineering position at a cement plant in West Seattle. It went very well and I think we’d both be overjoyed if they offered him the job, but we won’t know until later this week. Please pray that God’s sovereign hand will continue to be all over this.

Reason 3: My work has been crazy, as we are undergoing a major re-architecting of our department (what was formerly Communications and now being called Promotions). With so much change happening at Mars Hill, now is the time to develop more effective systems for serving the various campus and ministries within the church, but man oh man, doing that takes a lot of work. And it means that my job description is going to change considerably. I will admit, it has all left me feeling overwhelmed and stressed out.

Reason 4: We’re looking for a house. We spent last weekend driving around West Seattle with our realtor, Matthew Smith, looking at some digs. Nothing caught our eye, which is fine for now since Jason doesn’t have a job yet so we can’t make an offer on anything. So I guess prayers for God’s perfect timing in job/house stuff would be good and that we’ll find the right place at the right time (or decide to just rent somewhere if we need to).

Reason 5: We’re planning a wedding. This appropriately falls to the bottom of the list because we haven’t been doing a whole lot in this arena. They say you never remember all the details when the day actually comes so I’m using that advice to keep myself sleeping soundly at night, despite my lack of action on the wedding front.

With all this, it’s started to really hit me on a deeper level that these are major life changes we’re both undergoing and there are so many unknown variables God has yet to make known in all aspects of our lives–particularly when it comes to where we’ll live and what our jobs will be like.

This is where the rubber hits the road and we see if we really believe all the things we say we believe about God being sovereign and good. Needless to say, it is certainly an emotional roller coaster, a mixture of comfort from the Lord, anxious waiting, temptations to take control, and moments where I know I have to give up and let go. Prayers, prayers, prayers.


2 responses to “Major life changes = less blogging

  1. You’re going through a lot of transition. It’s important to take care of yourself!

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