JandE update – 07.20.07

It’s been almost a week since I last blogged, and in that time Jason and I have been pretty darn productive. Sunday is our last Biblical Marriage class, so we’ve been finishing all the homework and reading for that, as well as getting quite a few items checked off of our wedding to do list. Our friend, Amie Cross, has also volunteered to be our wedding coordinator, which I am SO grateful for. It seems we are well on our way!

Last Sunday Jason did his first triathlon of the season, the SeaFair at Seward Park. I’ve kept him busy enough that he hasn’t had much time to train, but he still did extremely well (I was so proud of him!). He says he felt great during the swim (which is the hardest leg for him) and that kept his confidence up on the the bike and run. My first triathlon cheering experience was a good one, though I don’t think I’ve been convinced yet to do one myself (we’ll see, anything can happen :). Check out more photos here. Jason’s next tri is on August 4th over on Whidbey Island.

The Saturday night before, Jason and I hit up another Mariner’s game with Kabyn and Alyssa. It was a pretty exciting game against the Detroit Tigers, especially when Kenji hit a grand slam home run. I think that was about the time Jason jumped up, took his shirt off, and did one of his crazy dances (he has an array of them). For your benefit, I am not including photos.

The other exciting event of the weekend was going to “Two Gentleman of Verona” as part of the Shakespeare in the Park summer series at Volunteer Park. Alyssa and Kabyn invited their whole wedding party to join them and Jason and I took along Noah (our official ring bearer). The weather was great, the play funny, and the company wonderful. View photos here.

Jason also continues to job-hunt. Since he left his previous job he’s been working part-time for our friend, Dallas Watson, laying floors. He’s got some good leads on jobs and continues to work with headhunters, but the search is still on, so please pray.

This evening we head to Coeur d’Alene again, this time for a bridal shower being hosted and organized by my mom’s friends, Marie Hirsch and Mary Ann Sleeth. I’m really excited–high school friends Miranda and Erin will hopefully be there, Aunt Penny and my cousin Caroline (one of our flower girls), as well as a bunch of my mom’s friends and co-workers who I haven’t seen in a long time. The shower is a girls-only thing, but Jason is excited to take his bike on the trip so he can ride the miles and miles of flat farmland out by my mom’s house.

What’s ahead: Next week we get our engagement photos taken by our photographer, Luke Rutan. Jason’s also going to start looking at houses with our realtor, Matthew Smith, and he’s got a job interview in West Seattle on Friday the 27th. I continue to work away at all the web content at Marshillchurch.org and of course, there’s always more wedding stuff to do.


One response to “JandE update – 07.20.07

  1. I searched for ‘Triathlon Photos’ and found your site – well done!

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