More from a very busy season

what we’ve been doing: Jason has been searching for a new job, working with several headhunters and doing some interviews (please continue to pray!). On Saturday we saw the Mariner’s beat the Blue Jays 8-3 with Matt and Adelle (photos here) and attempted to finish our registry at Bed, Bath & Beyond (unsuccessfully).

On a next-of-kin note, Mother Teresa (aka my mom) spent last week in Montana on her second fly fishing trip. Her prize-winning catch is pictured here. Bravo, Mom!

what we’ve been studying: What it means to have a clear conscience (Heb 9:9, 14). We also came up with these two questions we want to meditate on in light of Hebrews 9: 1) What specific messages does God repeatedly have to tell us (because we have thick skulls)? and 2) What does it mean to eagerly await Jesus’ return? (9:28)

what we’ve been listening to: I’ve had Damien Rice’s 9 and Beck’s Guero in the CD player. We danced in the kitchen to Harry Connick Jr. while making tacos the other night. We’ve also been talking with good friend and bridesmaid, Keisha, about what hymn we’d like her to perform at our wedding. A definitive conclusion has not yet been made.

what’s new: Sally and I’s great friend, Alyssa, moved into our house last week. She’ll be with us until September, when she gets married to Kabyn. For those of you who don’t know Alyssa, she’s the brilliant lady who thought it wise to introduce Jason and I to each other. You can thank her every time you get wonderful content from this blog – it wouldn’t be possible without her wise discernment (aka matchmaking) in times past.

Over at the Vox Pop Network, I just wrote up a rendition of how I found my inner child at a taco truck.

what’s next: I head to Minneapolis tomorrow to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday (sorry for giving it away, Dad!) and 4th of July. I am hoping this includes sitting on Dad’s patio shootin’ the breeze, hittin’ up Sebastian Joe’s and the DQ, hanging out with family and friends, and buying clothes minus the sales tax.

Jason finishes off his current job this Friday. Dependent upon this is potential purchase of a home in the next month or so. On top of this are tasks such as planning a wedding, working jobs, job-searching, biblical marriage class, Community Group, friend time, and keeping our sanity. We are in need of prayer in this busy season.


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