I’m a weird cat lady

I have always been fearful of becoming a weird cat lady. I have denied that this could be so, but unfortunately it’s in my genes (hi Mom and Aunt Karen :). Sometimes we should just learn to accept the inevitable. Jesus loves everybody, right?

Not only have those of my kin who have had cats been a little bit “off”, but our felines have also been a bit strange too. This would include Scratch, the deaf and albino cat with the keen sense of smell. He liked to stick his head down the garbage disposal and take naps on the train tracks next to our house. He regretfully died of liver failure after peeing all over my bedroom for a few years.

Now that Jason and I are engaged, he will inherit my most recent feline family edition, Lizzie. Lizzie gets her kamakaze superhero strength from eating spiders. She also likes to sit like an old fat man and has several neighborhood boyfriends, including Boy Cat and Benny.

Have no fear, Lizzie is usually not as crabby as she appears in this photo. I just happened to catch her in the middle of a yawn. You can just pretend she is giving you a cordial “hello.”

Lizzie and Jason seem to be getting along quite well. When I say quite well I mean that instead of throwing her off the green chair when she decides to lay on our feet, he lets her sit there for a while, then lets out this annoying sigh and gently shoves her off the edge of the ottoman.

I think all will be quite well in the Haggard home when we all merge . . . that is, maybe until we get a dog, which we plan on doing sometime in the first year. Judging by this photo, the first action items that will need to be done are clipping Lizzie’s claws and filing down those fangs.

Check out Lizzie photos.


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