Acquired: one ugly wedding gift

An update on our recent happenings, including an explanation of the above title. Enjoy!

what we’ve been doing: This last weekend we spent in somewhat of a wedding frenzy–we started working on registries at Macy’s and Bed, Bath & Beyond (of course, Jason has to have this) and met with the reception hall coordinator to talk details of food, flow, flowers, etc. Last night we met Luke Rutan, our photographer. It was great to get to know him, shoot the breeze for a while, and let him get to know us as a couple. Very easygoing–I think he’ll do a great job. Check out his blog.

Unrelated to our ceremony of matrimony, I spent Sunday afternoon trying to recreate my mom’s great spaghetti sauce, Jason went for a bike ride with Eric Rose, and we finished off the evening with ice cream in the big green chair. A wonderful way to wind down the weekend.

what we’re studying: As I mentioned in a previous post, I am reading When I Don’t Desire God by John Piper. We’re also assigned to read Reforming Marriage (both), The Silence of Adam (Jason) and For Women Only (Elisabeth) for the Biblical Marriage class we started on Sunday at Mars Hill. Jason’s about to finish up The Things They Carried. He’s really enjoyed it and found he can relate some of his experiences in the military with what is depicted in the novel. And I’ve enjoyed him telling me all about it.

what we’re listening to: Jason loves Billy Joel, it reminds him of his high school days. He’s had me listen to “New York State of Mind” and “Just the Way You Are” in the last week. I listened to an AWESOME issue of This American Life entitled “Notes from Camp.” It’s all about the cult-ish following by kids and adults alike of the perfect summer camp experience. The piece on Color Week was both disturbing and hilarious.

what’s new: Our Hebrews study is off to a slow start. We’ve decided to get together two mornings a week before work to work through it together. Also, we got our first officially hideous wedding gift, compliments of Macy’s bridal registry (see photo to the right). We think we’ll probably slam them up against our potential new house to officially christen it when the time comes.

what’s next: Eleni has promised to whip up a potential cupcake ensemble for the wedding. A tasting party will, I’m sure, soon follow after her mad scientist-esque baking escapades. Jason, Sally and I look forward to chocolate, vanilla, lemon and whatever other flavors we’ll get to explore.

Jason has also been diligently working on the job search front, connecting with headhunters this week who seem very eager to work with him to find the right fit. His military experience and his BA in chemical engineering are a major plus. Please pray that he finds a job soon, as he will leave his current position on July 6th. We’d love it if God blessed him with a job before we get married. This would allow us to start looking for a house to settle into as we start our life together.


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