What’s in a ring?

It’s September 2004. Yes, many years before meeting Elisabeth. I am actually dating someone else and on one particular date we are in the Green Lake area. She is getting a massage and I am walking around waiting for her to finish. On my walk I stumble upon this small custom jewerly shop on the north end of the lake. Green Lake Jewelry Works. Poking around inside I think to myself that when I get married, I will by the ring at this shop.

It’s January 2007. I know I am going to marry Elisabeth. She isn’t sure, in fact at this point she is forcibly against it, but I know. It is a Sunday afternoon and I want to go look for rings. Thinking back, my first and only thought is of that shop on Green Lake. But it is gone. Disappointment sets in. Now what? I don’t know where to get a ring. Well, a couple days later I am talking with a friend who has recently married and he recommends Green Lake Jewelry Works. What, but it closed down! No, he says, they moved to a bigger shop near Northgate.

I didn’t get a ring then. You could say I was jumping the gun a bit, or you could say I am a tremendous planner and was wise in thinking ahead. Either way, I know what is in store when the time is right.

April 18th, 2007. I have left work early to play golf and on my way home I stop in to talk about a ring. (Sorry, I have to back up because a couple days prior, Agent #1 has covertly given me a picture and verbal description of some rings that Elisabeth and her looked at and liked.) With said information in hand, I sit down at the first counter, Melissa Tuttle introduces herself, and together we proceed to create the ring. It was a marvelous and stressful event seeing that I had to make numerous decisions but did so knowing the results would bring much joy.

There is much to say at this point. The first sitting with Melissa went 45 minutes past closing, the following ones more of the same. We fine tuned the ring to make it just perfect. My desire was to give Elisabeth something that would be timeless, something that our grandson would give his bride with stories of his grandparent’s love. The result far surpasses my expectations and Elisabeth’s. Much work and thought went into it. You will just have to take my word for it because this is a blog and they can’t be long.


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