BBQ birthday fun

Last Saturday Jason and Sally threw me a BBQ birthday party for my 25th here at our house on Queen Anne.

It was great fun and included lots of grilling (AMAZING chicken and veggie kabobs by Jason), the first mojito bar of the summer season, a Dairy Queen ice cream cake provided by Matt and Adelle Grant, a pink elephant pinjata, photos and video taken by Keisha Brown, and lots of cards, flowers and “Happy Birthday”s from many of you.

The best part was all the fellowship with friends I hadn’t seen in a while like Jon and Amie Cross and Melissa Lee. Jason’s parents were still in town, so they were able to be there, too, which was great. And to top it off, it was during that amazing summer weather weekend we had–all sunshine and in the 80s. Thank you, God.

And thanks so much to everyone who attended and for those who couldn’t be there but added their support via evite responses and such.

Now for the goodies–check out all the photos from the party as well as a REALLY COOL VIDEO Keisha did!


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