The saga continues…

So at dinner that first night, my mind is racing trying to figuring out when is the next time I will get to interact with this girl. I am going to the party, enough said. But I am not going to know anyone and Alyssa and Kabyn aren’t the most reliable party attenders due to their insane schedule (Alyssa invited me to maybe a dozen Christmas parties that season), so I need a wing man!

“You! You are still dangerous. But you can be my wingman anytime.”

“Bullshit. You can be mine!”

Introducing Tim VanOss. He is a long time buddy from Lakeside Bible Camp when I was his counsellor during TCL (Train in Christian Living). Yes, I am older than him, but age doesn’t matter when you are as mature as we are. Anyway, I call him up and as a true friend he agrees to go knowing he will know no one but me and I will more or less ignore him throughout the evening.

December 1, 2006. Tim and I are all dressed up, me in my new suit, Tim in is awesome red shirt, and we head out to 2217 3rd Ave W. The party was alright, lots of people, most I didn’t know. Actually it was great, but I was to focused to notice. The stunning blond is there, hair curled, this time with much elegance. She has this purplish dress on. She looks amazing. The party starts slow because I can’t get any face time. I try hanging in the kitchen, no luck, I try the living room, strike two. The porch wasn’t even a prayer. Let me be honest, she and I had a few conversations during the evening and I wasn’t impressed. Alyssa described her as deep, a real thinker. I see some one bouncing around, young, a little flightly.

The evening is dying and Tim has looked at his watch for the 17th time. I beg, asking for five more minutes. In that time, she, her roommate Sally, and I get a little time to chat. Sally is super friendly and invites me to stop by anytime; they love visitors. I mention that I still want to talk about that one thing. She smiles. Tim and I leave. Evening over. Time to reflect.

One day later I get a mass email from her sharing the pictures from the party. That is enough motivation to respond and invite her to hang out. And so began what could go down as potentially the worst first date in the history of dating.

If by reading this you feel you missed something, read the first post in this series on how Elisabeth and I met and fell in love.


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