All in a day’s work

My job is really awesome. God has blessed me with a position where I can use not only my administrative skills, but my creative ones, too. He knew what He was doing when He brought me to Mars Hill to serve as Web Content Administrator.

The first great example of this is the Vox Pop Network, a community of campus and ministry blogs we launched back in March. I help oversee all the content on the blogs and manage all the teams of writers.

A second (and more recent) example is a project I’ve been working on called the “Vox Pop Out Loud”. It’s a demo of a weekly audio piece several of us at Mars Hill have whipped up that allows those interested and involved in our church to hear what’s going on each week and learn about some of the content we post on our community of blogs, the Vox Pop Network.

Who knows if it will ever end up being an ongoing thing, but the project has been fun so far. Check out Doug Finefrock and I as the hosts of Vox Pop Out Loud (click on the link to listen).


One response to “All in a day’s work

  1. I listened to Vox Pop Out Loud. You were amazing, 5 stars. I felt like I learned a lot more about who you are and your personalily as well.

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