Diamonds, fondue, bike rides, road trips and more

First off, thanks to everyone who emailed us and/or commented on our blog in response to our engagement announcement – it’s encouraging to know how excited everyone is for us! Second, here’s a brief update on life for Jason and Elisabeth over the past few weeks:

what we’re listening to: Ben Stuart’s sermon series on spiritual warfare (from The Village Church) , entitled “The Fight”.

what we’re studying: Jason and I started studying Hebrews together sometime in February/March. We set that aside for a while to read How People Change for a leader’s seminar at our church, but this morning we picked up Hebrews again, starting with ch. 9.

what we’ve been doing: fondue at the Melting Pot with Jason’s parents, wedding dress shopping (Elisabeth), riding the bike (Jason), throwing a birthday party for Elisabeth (post and photos to soon follow), enjoying the beautiful Seattle weekend weather, and sitting in the green chair together (as usual)

what’s new: after much creative design on Jason’s part, the official engagement ring is now firmly on the finger of Ms. Elisabeth! Photos will hopefully come soon. Also, on it’s way from my wonderful parents (via Amazon, of course) is a new digital camera for my birthday. This weekend we’re taking it for the official test drive in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho, as we go to visit my mom and friends. Lastly, there’s some new Easy Street road trip music in the works before we peal out on Friday. Playlist not yet completely determined.

what’s next: more wedding planning this week, hanging out with Noah-dog, going out for Elisabeth’s birthday (June 6th), the Coeur d’Alene road trip, manning down the office mail (Jason) and Vox Pop Network (Elisabeth), job search schmoozing (Jason), and hopefully a nap somewhere in there.



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