How We Met

To know how we met, you have to go back to the summer of 2006 and mention our mutual friend Alyssa, soon to be Begg, Smith. That summer she was splitting her time between training for Triathlons with Jason and diving into her story with Elisabeth in Story Group. In all of those miles and pages, Alyssa came to know us very well and given her propensity for match making (something she claims to no longer do) I received a rather forward text message one random Wednesday evening. It went something like this (actual texts have been erased):

A – “Hey, I know this girl you should meet”
J – “Really, tell me more!”
A – “She is tall, blond, thin, likes to run, a real thinker like you.”
J – “I am listening, how do you know her?”
A – “Well, her name is Elisabeth and…”
J – “… You have my permission to introduce us”

It came as no surprise the following Sunday when I was sitting at home and Alyssa calls me up inviting me to dinner at her now fiancée’s house. I smiled and said yes, knowing what was in store.

That same night at Mars Hill’s 5 o’clock service, I was sitting near the back with Kabyn and Alyssa. The service was ending and this stunning girl catches my eye as she leaves a little early. She was wearing this blue, empire waist top and jeans. She moved quickly, her blond hair bouncing as it was curled slightly. I didn’t want to stare and thought little of it at the time since MH has no shortage of cute girls, but I will at admit to taking a second look.

Fast forward to Kabyn’s place. I arrive with the assigned salad and dressings (dressing story for a later time). I walk into the house; turn right into the kitchen and much to my surprise, the stunning blond is sitting at the table. It was clear even before I saw her that Alyssa was up to something but this caught me off guard. The next few moments are tense, I am willing Alyssa to introduce us hoping this girl’s name is Elisabeth.

We spend the evening talking of all things smart and theological. Elisabeth, Kabyn, and Kabyn’s roommate Jeremiah volley thoughts back and forth, most of which comfortably pass over my head. In an attempt to contribute, I say something about post-modernism and a relationship with Jesus. Elisabeth responses and I am in! I discover that a party I was previously invited to, though not planning to attend, is being hosted by the stunning blond and my plans immediately change.

The chase is on.

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