It’s about that time . . .

To get married, that is! Yes, that’s right, Jason and Elisabeth are making it a done deal. Our wedding will be October 6th, 2007, at Mars Hill Church in Seattle.

Some of you are probably saying “What!? When the heck did that happen?!”, very likely followed with one of these responses:

1. Who is this guy/girl?
2. Didn’t you guys just meet not that long ago?
3. Elisabeth, I thought you weren’t so sure about this guy . . .
4. Jason, it’s about time!

I guess the answer to all these questions is that God has done A LOT. For those of you who know one or both of us well, you know that this last year or so of both of our lives (well before we met) has been filled with extremes–great joy and and excitement as well as times of trial, discipline, and growth.

We can both confidently say that all that God has done (the hard and easy) has been a great blessing to both of us. We are very different people than we were even just a year ago. Our circumstances, our maturity, our understanding of God, our jobs, our relationships, our church–God has touched every area of our lives in profound and beautiful ways that are hard to fully explain.

In Jason and Elisabeth-like fashion, we’ve decided to start this blog to give friends and family a taste of what we’re up to and what God is teaching us through each other and the rest of life as we move through engagement, into marriage, and beyond.

We encourage you to subscribe by email or through a feedreader so you can receive our updates easily. You can do so at the left corner by clicking on the orange ‘Subscribe to Feed’ link (for feedreaders) or ‘Subscribe to Our Blog by Email’ to receive content in your inbox. You can also check out our latest photos by clicking on the images to the left and visiting our flickr photo library.

Thanks to everyone who has supported, encouraged, and prayed for us. There are many people God has put in our lives who love us very well and for that we praise Him.

Jason and Elisabeth


5 responses to “It’s about that time . . .

  1. Congrats to you both… I look forward to following along on your journey.

  2. YEAH!!! We have been DYING to meet you Jason, what a catch you have in Elisabeth!!! I’m sure you will both be quite busy with wedding planning, and more importantly marriage planning but we cannot wait to meet you as a couple and hear more and celebrate what God has done!
    -the Cross fam

  3. Kyle J. M. Hunziker

    Wow.. it’s been awhile since I’ve seen or talked to you and now I hear you’re getting married?! Well then congrats! So do you have any plans for the married life? Are you thinking of heading back to Europe anytime soon?? I only have a year or so left of college and then I wouldn’t mind heading to Europe and exploring. Have fun with the Mrs. and let me know if head back Europe. Keep in touch.

    p.s. Congrats Elisabeth 🙂 Jason is a great guy. And I almost didn’t recognize him without his beard…haha

    -Kyle Hunziker

    (253) 335-0252

    Yep our Lord sure knows His children, their hearts, their aspirations to LOVE and SERVE our SAVIOR as husband and wife!! WAY TO GO U TWO!!
    Can’t wait to meet you Jason and give u a big hug!! Your Elisabeth is a Treasure to our Lord with her Beautiful Heart that we all know and love!

    God’s Love and Provisions Always to You Both!!
    Much Love Fern

  5. Congratulations to the both of you, and good luck Elisabeth. That Jason – he’s quite a character.

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